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14/ Trusting Oneself – Building Resilience towards Internal Opposition

What do you do when faced with opposition? Do you raise your hackles and fight, or crumble and submit like I so often do? What if the opposition is within you? Do you argue with yourself, overrule certain voices, or do you hear out all the different parts of you to find internal equilibrium and harmony?

In my inner world Truthy is a formidable force. She is predominantly angry, impatient and disagreeable and can collapse me in an instant with her opposition. She does not trust me as my own personal leader, but as we train Giraffe to stand her ground with Truthy, to get clear on her own values and believe that her needs matter too, Truthy softens and becomes much more trusting and co-operative.

Truthy is not to be misunderstood. She is a mighty force trying to watch over me and hold me to live by my values. The smell of hypocrisy sends her into a spin, but she is coming from a true place of love and care for me and for Life. It’s just hard to see it that way sometimes. Truthy wants me to thrive and to be the best version of myself and when we all understand that her input is indispensable.

This series of videos follows me from a dark place, where fear and anger prevail and emotional collapse is just around the corner. At times, I’m locked in and ready to self-destruct. I want to face myself, to look deeply at the inner workings of my thinking and feelings.

With the help of the delightful Truthy & Giraffe, who are much better able to express myself than I am, I find ways to handle my inner world and even reach a point of befriending myself. If these videos can support others to grow their personal insight and see the value of inner work then my fear and shame of posting them publicly will be easier to bear.

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