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18/ Inner Turmoil – A Front Row Seat

When the heart is closed off, when it turns hard and stops vibrating with Life, what then? What happens and how does it affect the person concerned and the people around them?

What if you could get a front row seat to see inside someone else’s inner world, to see what’s going on inside of them in their turmoil, to see their pain and struggles and to be a part of the exploration to find and free Life?

If sitting in that front row seat stimulated pain and discomfort in you, would you still choose to sit there and be a part of it? Would you take the risk of it not reaching a place of ease and satisfaction? If you’re one of the few brave souls willing to take the ride then join us in this painful, lively and honest expression of Life, when things are not flowing so well. 

Sharing our inner worlds openly and honestly is a much needed, yet challenging, part of our growth and development as human beings and a door to connecting and understanding each other better. Can we risk not doing this?

This series of videos follows me from a dark place, where fear and anger prevail and emotional collapse is just around the corner. At times, I’m locked in and ready to self-destruct. I want to face myself, to look deeply at the inner workings of my thinking and feelings.

With the help of the delightful Truthy & Giraffe, who are much better able to express myself than I am, I find ways to handle my inner world and even reach a point of befriending myself. If these videos can support others to grow their personal insight and see the value of inner work then my fear and shame of posting them publicly will be easier to bear.

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