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Value Based Business

Markets are showing a strong trend towards value based business. Consumers’ choices about what they buy of services, products and entertainment are based more and more on values. Price is a value, but others have taken over, like uniqueness, quality, sustainability, content and substance. Even values about the company producing the service, their leadership, company values, ethical actions and environmental consciousness are considered. Mass marketing like TV commercials and one-sided propaganda have less and less impact. The idea that all consumers are mindless robots programmed to respond to commercials is fading and new voices are talking to the values of our fellow humans. The propaganda and dictation becomes an appeal to our shared human values, like serving life. This trend is very pervasive and is even merging into the way business is run, because the consumers want it, but also the employees are requiring more and more insight, purpose and value in the work. Leadership is going to have to adapt. Old school dictation and punishment-reward (payment), is less and less effective.

Improving joy is improving performance

Just looking at joy – an emotion, it is clear from experience that joy improves work performance and productivity. There are other emotions that play a big part in work performance but joy alone can be such a motivating emotion that all other performance related efforts become less of an obstacle. Joy can bring you to excel and improve on all other difficulties. You learn faster, you listen better, you have more stamina and become more resilient to change, mistakes and resistance. A workplace where joy is a focus brings about a stronger organisation, better relationships and more creative thinking in the business. A leader that can bring joy into a group of co-workers will support the organisation in better ways than if the leader is just measured by short term profit.

The question you may ask is whether learning these new skills of Emotional Intelligence is difficult or too demanding? The answer is not necessarily simple. The general experience is that it takes personal exploration into your own EQ and that may be a challenge if emotions have been difficult to deal with in your history. There may very well have been traumas of an emotional kind in your childhood and working gently with traumas will take some time and effort. However, the experience is also that the effort benefits so many other parts of your life, that it is always worth it.
Much can be done on your own using all the aspects of experiential learning you see here, but without someone else to reflect your thinking back to you, you may very well get lost in the jungle of thought. There are some very experienced people out there that can be a huge benefit to your personal journey.


Now with lockdowns and social distancing culturally imposed on us, is it possible to learn anyway? Can we move to understand something intellectually, explore it emotionally , and embody the wisdom? Can we E-learn from each other through the internet?
Our answer is yes! It is better than nothing! In some ways it is better than what we had before. We are providing group forums where your personal journey can be supported by others in small groups that are on the same journey.

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