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Why explore? – why care?

Everything would be easier if we didn’t care and had no responsibility. Lots of people are searching for a life of no worries and painless ease. More still have found great joy in times of no responsibility and what they would call ‘freedom’.

It seems to be ‘the altar of our times’ that comfort and ease, with no responsibility, is the bliss of welfare and luxury. Money enough to not care or worry. Time enough to never need to do an effort or feel bad.

Then when they reach it, they realise that it is a place of a total lack of purpose, it is empty and lonely and has nothing to do with joy.

Still we seek it. Still we sell it to each other as the perfect dream and pursuit in life. ‘The bliss of not having a care in life!’ We preach our kids full of the illusion that not having a worry or care in life is the ‘true’ happiness and aspiration of all efforts.

What an illusion that all is! You will not stop caring or worrying, and thank God for that. What you may need instead is to learn the trick of how to live better with caring, worries and ‘bad’ feelings.

To do that you may have to explore what matters to you, how to put it into action, and how to take responsibility for your choices. We will be the first to admit that it may be the hardest thing you have ever done, and we acknowledge that you cannot do it alone. None of us can. All the privileged of us have had support, ample support to finally learn to take some responsibility for our emotions, behaviour and relation to the world. No one masters it completely. We are all learning. But some master it better than others.

It is no shame to need companionship on a journey like that, and there is nothing to lose and all to gain from getting support from more experienced people.

Look into what we offer of learning, explore on your own, but do not forget that the only real way is if your learning is reflected and supported by other views and perspectives.

Join our community for inspiration, connection and support. Offer your contribution too in ways that fit you. Benefit from a personal education and support to meet your challenges in your life and the organisation you work for. We value your presence and participation.

Explore with us what it is to be a human being in this world. Help us take a hard look at what is preventing us from changing both what we do and how we do it to both grow and see the beauty of human life and contribution. Whether you do this for personal reasons or because you have a responsibility to a family or an organisation or society, they are all good reasons to enact your values.

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