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Even under the best of environments we can experience pressure and stress

Working well under pressure

“I acknowledge that pressure can be or seem so great, that even I with all my training can be convinced that it is real. That my mind clogs up and my fear forces me to do things I regret.” Arne Mayoh

Stress is the perception of threat?

Is threat real or are we (our body and mind) just perceiving a danger?

“The tiger is lurking in the bush. I am unarmed. Is there a threat or am I perceiving a danger?”

This discussion has been going on for almost a century, so why look at it now? Because, our minds are changing towards understanding that perception is more influential for our actions and body reactions than we ever thought possible. Don’t take this article as your only source to check this out. Question your own mind. Read other sources, but for now consider if it is true; that our perception of danger is more real for us than ‘reality’, and that ‘reality’ is what we perceive and only real for us because of the way we perceive it. Makes your mind spin doesn’t it?

So maybe the question should be; ‘How well do you work under NO pressure?’

Imagine if you were ‘locked down’ into a greenhouse with a small shelter in it for safety. The shelter had a bed and bathroom, all working fine to suit your basic needs for food and shelter. There is no outside pressure, no tigers!

Ask yourself if no external pressure could bring an internal pressure to a boil of frustration, anger and stress? Loneliness, lack of purpose, lack of other people and inspiration, all adding to your frustration?


Maybe working well under pressure is more about working well with your perception of pressure?

Quick fixes

Quick fixes are great for now, but long term training in Emotional Intelligence will benefit way more than quick fixes. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will apply to more situations and relieve a bigger depth of weakness in this area. EQ is a skill that you will never regret having spent time on. Some of EQ is given by birth and then maybe lost in upbringing, but it is never too late to rebuild and improve EQ. Our best offer for quick fixes is breath excercises of which there are two important ones; relaxing breath, and energising breath moving you into action. More on this later.

Emotional Intelligence is our offer for a real improvement of your life.

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