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Experiential Learning

There are many ways of learning and being taught something. In the old days it was all about repetition, and much good did that do. It left very little room for the human being and moved us to automated linear thinking. This has been looked at worldwide and there is a widespread concensus that other ways of learning are better. Experiential learning is the pinnacle of that research. We at EBH aim to benefit the most of that and implement it as best practice for all we do. We have adapted the approach to align with our values of shared learning both for facilitator and apprentice. We hope for life-long learning and all education to be a learning for teacher and learner together.


Now with lockdowns and social distancing culturally imposed on us, is it possible to experientially learn anyway? Can we move to understand something intellectually, emotionally explore it and embody the wisdom by excercise? Can we E-learn from each other through the internet?
Our answer is yes! It is better than nothing! In some ways it is better than what we had before.

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