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    “Is Nili Bachar teaching us how to play football?” That question appears to be all over the world. What is the philosophy behind Nili’s style of coaching? What is His relationship with his players? How does He communicate with players? This interview answers all these and many more questions. Find out more about the philosophy that underlies Nili Bachar’s coaching style.

    The ability of his players to communicate his players

    After being sacked by Gili Landau Nili Bachar became the head coach as the head of Kiryat Shmona. He led Kiryat Shmona to an appearance in the State Cup final. Even though the team came in fourth, they did win the tournament the next year. Beersheba was third in the league, and Bachar as a key part of their success. נילי בכר His team is now the winners of seven consecutive league games, in spite of the struggles he has faced.

    Though it’s often stated that the ability of a coach to build rapport with his players is vital, Bachar has shown this through recent contests. For one, several of his players young as well. Bachar has used this connection to help keep his players concentrated on their objectives for the team. When the team played in the second half in the second leg against Sheriff Tiraspol, Bachar was able to convince his veteran midfielder that he should stick in the team and be successful. נילי בכר

    His decision-making process

    Beersheba supporters are clearly dissatisfied by the manager’s decision to leave Kiryat Shmona. In the wake of Gili Landau’s firing, Bachar became the head coach of the team and guided them to success in the final of the state cup. As a team, Kiryat Shmona came in fifth, but won the State Cup the following year. This team’s latest success has nothing to do with the coach. On her Facebook page, Taha expressed her admiration for Bachar as well as his decision-making process.

    In the final stages of last campaign, Maor Buzaglo was unhappy about his position. http://www.instagram.com/nylybkrvr/ It was his only chance to remain by Bachar at the beginning of the season, but was dropped from the second phase of the Champions League qualifiers. נילי בכר Bachar was also open about the fact the fact that he failed. Despite his shortcomings, Bachar has managed to remain focused on its objectives. Bachar has earned him the title as the most brilliant coach in Israel. http://www.nli.org.il/he/books/NNL_ALEPH003252963/NLI nillydagan.com/2-כללי/2842-רחל-בכר נילי בכר נילי בכר