Why might your curiosity be important for the world?

Inspiration to why your curiosity may affect the world

So there are many new studies showing the importance of curiosity as a driving factor in human development, but mostly in technology and innovation. What about the human being in that mix? Are we losing curiosity about what it is to be a human being, and may it be really dangerous for our world and humankind?

I believe that human liveliness is under powerful pressure in which it could fail, and that we are only beginning to wake up to how we can change that path. We at Explore Being Human CIC are working hard to provide solutions to how we can make the change to the benefit of all. It all starts with ourselves, the individual, you, to take a look at what you want.

Medicine solving problems

If you agree that your curiosity could benefit you, do you also agree that it could benefit the world? Do you agree that just exploring technology and medicine is not going to do the work for the quality of our lives?

Write down some of the reasons you may have for why your curiosity could transform your life, your relationships, your community and ultimately to your world? Write down how you feel when you are met with curiosity rather than judgement.