Why is your curiosity important for me?

Watch the video and see if you believe me. I am an emotional man and I may come across as strange or even scary. Let me know if you feel intimidated by the video (you can comment in the quiz of this lesson)

First ask yourself if you believe me, that I am trying to be honest with you?

I care about life and living beings in this world. It gives me value to care even about people that I haven’t met yet. I know that I make better choices of what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why, all because I care about all these things.

My way of navigating what is important when I care about all things is to ask myself what is most important right now! I check with myself if it is fear or coming from an open and honest mind. If I am afraid I work with the fear first. Fear has never given me good powers of decision.

It has not been an easy journey to be honest with myself, it has not been easy to be open, and it has not been easy to face my fears. Curiosity is the most important skill that has brought me through all of it, learning new skills is not easy, but with some support it is less painful. Trust your curiosity to be a good guide also in where you get the support.