Why is curiosity important for you?

Now first, this is not me telling you why curiosity is important for you. I am really curious as to why curiosity may be important for you or maybe that it isn’t. So let this be an invitation for you to consider if it really is important for you?

In the quiz of this lesson you will be able to describe to me/us how you feel about curiosity in your life. For now please write a few things down, like ‘How curious were you as a child?’, ‘Have you maybe lost some of your curiosity?’, ‘Would you like to be more curious?’, ‘What is holding you back, is it fear or pain?’

Consider these things and allow yourself to feel sadness, anger and worries if they come up. They won’t stay! They may help to let you rediscover a wish to be curious, to be alive.

You may discover that you almost have run out of curiosity and that you have to look deep inside for just a little flame of it. It may have been almost entirely extinguished in you. Don’t despair, it is still there! Some deep trauma or fear of rejection or blame can be the reason. It will still be the most important driver for your recovery. You just need more support than the lucky people who were protected from losing it entirely.

Our community of members is also here to give a hand in support. Take a look at the community we are building here. The intention is to allow you to connect with others that are on the same journey and exploration of being human.

Let this be a hand of confidence that curiosity is yours already and that with curiosity you may find more joy in life. Let it be a vote of confidence in you and your ability to grow curiosity and reap the benefits in your future.

Maybe you could join in on supporting others on the same journey who could really use your experience.