Mentally Ignoring discomfort

A mountaineer climbing Mount Everest will have gone through months of training to do the feat. Part of what that climber has trained to do is to mentally ignore pain, discomfort, fears, fatigue and panic. Elite sportsmen and women will have done the same. Mentally ignoring discomfort is possibly the most powerful Emotional Intelligence tool to achieve a very ambitious goal. Many online coaches recommend this method as a tool for life.

Mentally ignoring discomfort in thought and feelings is also recommended by some in some cases, here is one:

Quick and easy..

Now mentally ignoring discomfort, though being a powerful tool and very good to learn for elitism, is also a tool that we at Explore Being Human CIC must warn against being the only tool in the EQ toolbox. Far too great a risk is attached to not processing your thoughts and not learning the incredible value of thought and feelings whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

There is so much value to be had from learning more about the news that feelings and thoughts bring of the deeper side of you (real choice and power, real life!), so ignoring them in the long run is in our view ludicrous.