Expected discomfort getting in the way of curiosity

Ok so, not only have we argued that curiosity is not celebrated for the power it could bring to our lives, and that regaining it is a solid path to Emotional Intelligence, but we can end arguing that ‘society’ or culture is the reason for our lack of curiosity, choices and personal freedom. However that may be taking more power away from us than it gives us. Just blaming society or culture is not going to change our circumstances. We can change our own circumstances by changing our approach to our own curiosity.

We need to look at what in ourselves is getting in the way of curiosity, is it our own fear of discomfort?

Discomfort with emotions is natural

There are many ways of dealing with discomfort and the obvious one is to seek comfort by not going where the pain is but looking for safety. But does it always work?

Lets look at some of the other ways to relate to fear, discomfort, and fear of discomfort. Notice what this man says about discomfort and fear.

Risk assesment can be vital

There may be a fundamental difference between our imagination of discomfort and the reality of discomfort.

Arne Mayoh

What if your imagination of discomfort is way worse than the actual experience of discomfort? What if your experience of discomfort is more related to your childhood where is was life threatening? What if your memory of discomfort is that it was a deadly threat?

What if our culture, upbringing, schooling and social relations teach us that discomfort is bad, that we must protect our kids from any discomfort to keep them ‘safe’? What if we constantly teach ourselves, each other and the world, that comfort is good and discomfort should be avoided at all cost and that it is probably dangerous? What if we are so good at confirming with each other that the good life is avoiding discomfort?

Can we unlearn the fear of discomfort? Can we build emotional strength?