Comfort getting in the way of curiosity

So my claim is that comfort can get in the way of curiosity. That we can get so needy of comfort that we become unable to feel curious. That we get so used to comfort that we stop asking why, what, who or how.

Arne Mayoh

Now I am not criticising you or anyone for this. I have no blame towards anyone in particular. We have all become used to the idea that comfort is only good. We seek comfort for a reason, and we need comfort to feel safe.

But why are we so worried about discomfort?

Is discomfort not just like training and practice and doing an effort?

Should we be unlearning the fear of discomfort?

Can we begin worrying more about what comfort does for our lives, our health relating to body, mind and emotions – the lives of our children? Can we stop glorifying comfort as the Mecca of happiness?

What if we can change from fear of discomfort to training our skills of life? How can we get ‘comfortable’ with discomfort and effort? Maybe by working hard on the fear of discomfort?

I would like you to close your eyes after this and ask yourself some difficult questions:

  • Are you addicted to comfort?
  • Are you so fearful of discomfort, that your curiosity has evaporated?
  • Are you in so much pain that comfort is the only way out?
  • Does comfort work? Does it bring you joy and beauty of life?
  • Do you really celebrate yourself in comfort?

Take these questions and work on them for a while, imagine that some of the ‘needs’ for comfort really may be needs for compassion, connection and love instead (which all take work and discomfort to get!).