Avoidance of discomfort

Avoidance of discomfort is something we all do. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar or ignorant.

Arne Mayoh

Avoidance of discomfort can possibly be so overwhelming that help is required, but for most of us it is about not knowing (being unaware) that we suffer from it, not knowing how to deal with it or not knowing how to change it. Again a good reason to learn about Emotional Intelligence.

We will always recommend that you don’t work too much on your own on any aspect of personal development or change. We believe it is vital to have connection and trust in others to help reflect our thoughts. In Explore Being Human CIC we will always try to offer supported development individually or in groups. The reflection from others is essential to not get lost in the world of thoughts and beliefs. None of us can do it alone.

Kati Morton on her take about avoidance

Like her we would caution you NOT to make any diagnosis of yourself. We are very careful about diagnoses, because they can so easily ‘box in’ the thought that it cannot change or that ‘avoidance’ is not normal behavior.

Avoidance is one of the most common ways of dealing with discomfort.

But does it work?