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The Creed

“I believe I have a choice of what to believe in. I believe my mind is more powerful than me, it affects all my choices and it points to the destiny of my life. I believe that I am connected to all and that my choices matter. Both in what happens for me and for all. I believe I have a responsibility for my choices to me and the whole. I believe that we are fundamentally together in this, inseparable and in the same boat. I believe that only together can we understand the power of my mind, your mind and our collective mind. I believe that I need other minds to understand my own.

I believe that we have answers, creativity, courage and the ability to change. That we have influence over our destiny and that we have choices to make that may be difficult to embody. I believe that we have made many choices that do not serve us individually, in groups, as a community or as a species. I believe that we have made many choices that do not serve our world and what we really care about.

I believe we have a choice to change our ways to better our lives, the condition of our world and our sanity as human beings, a part of humanity and a part of a coherent whole.” – Arne Mayoh

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