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Supporting Connection

In Explore Being Human we believe connection to be the most important of human needs. Best if it is both inner and outer connection, but both are worth it to develop. A baby in an incubator will die faster if it is not touched than if it is not fed.

Actually there is a strong thought, that connection will be the main way to solve all of our issues as Human Beings, and that lack of connection surely will kill us.

To have connection you will need Honesty, Awareness, Openness and Trust. Not easy things to acquire or build in a world of distrust and competition.

We want to support connection by providing space for it both online and locally where members live. The community we are building online is such an initiative and we hope to engage everyone to support more connection for other Human Beings. 

Now it is not just about the amount of connection but more the quality of connection on which we focus. We have a huge discovery process in finding what real comfort and healing is and how to provide the quality of connections needed. We call it ‘deep listening’ for the needs. It is an interactive stepwise process of members and interested and we have methods to go along with it that are easy to learn. We have quite some experience but more is coming all the time. Better connections are essential for better solutions to our shared issues and problems

Join our community, contribute in the efforts of growing awareness, practice and nonviolence. Help us keep it safe and nurturing, Share and contribute with your experience and presence, even your opinions matter. Enjoy the benefits of deep listening, compassion and care, Build your trust in others.

We will try to welcome you in the best way possible

Organisations who intend similar efforts, or who are interested in learning more are welcome as well.

Now supporting connection has an important word in it; Support.

Dominic Barter, a star in the skies of modern mentors has a saying;

 ‘Support is the kind of empathy that removes blocks from action’. 

I attended a Nonviolent Intensive Course held by Dominic Barter at Findhorn in Scotland in 2012, and it has stayed with me since. I so wish that he could present that same workshop to the entire world. It was that significant! But alas he is otherwise occupied right now.

A milestone takeaway from the workshop was that support is not just about feeling good and comfortable, sometimes the right support is to ‘get a push in the right direction’. Since he is a master of Nonviolence, there is no question that the push is not intended violently, but can be a push nonetheless.

We acknowledge that it takes trust to give and receive a push that helps, and that is not perceived as violence, but we also acknowledge that it is a push and not just a ‘hand’ to guide across the bridge.

This is a push from us to you; Take responsibility! It is your duty to let your voice be counted and to participate in improving the world we live in. You are no longer a baby that needs to be served, you need to contribute! Be brave, take a risk, learn from others, build trust, your experience matters because you are the only one in the world with your exact experience. Meet us in the open, don’t hide behind comfort. Share your creativity and wisdom, be open, honest and remember;

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage.”

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