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Real Comfort

Real Comfort Is Hard To Find

It is no wonder that we aimlessly traverse through our lives in blind search for comfort and ease. Both because the fear of our culture is so pervasive and we meet it everywhere, and because we have never really learned how to get real comfort.

Real comfort is what you may remember from childhood, when the world became too big for you, the challenges too hard and the pain unbearable. Maybe you remember the fullness and love from your mother, the hug when you fell over a stone, got teased or frightened by a dog?

“Some people have had so little of that kind of comfort. So little that they have lost faith in it existing at all. That there are no places left where real comfort is available, they are the true victims of our culture”.

Arne Mayoh

Even the most privileged of us, that grew up in homes, where there was ample love and comfort, and an understanding of the need for healing and care. Even we struggle in this culture to not be hooked on substitutes like bees to white sugar.

There is a difference between real and pseudo comfort. Almost all of the comfort we are offered in this world of ours is pseudo comfort at best, addictive because it never fully satisfies and yet just fulfilling enough to keep us hooked to block out the pain of reality.

If we do not find ways of comforting each other with anything but white sugar and material substitutes like new toys and gadgets, we as a culture will die a lonely death.

Join us in building spaces of true holding and comfort and help us trust humanity again. Both if you need real comfort and if you know how to give real comfort, we need your input to create more of it.

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