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Provoking Awareness

Since we believe that no one understands the entire truth of anything, that we all have a version of truth internally that very often differs from anyone elses and that truth is not a majority rule. We cannot support a version of reality where we get supporters for ‘our truth’ and then battle everyone else who disagrees. This is not a conversation about right or wrong. It is a conversation about what works and what doesn’t. It is a conversation, an exploration and an embodying of what works towards a thriving future of serving life itself. It’s an acknowledgement of the influence of culture, awareness and responsibility both internal and external. It is the belief that we are all in the same boat and need to collaborate to avoid extinction.

We all have to take a hard look at ‘our’ version of ‘the truth’, question it and be open to new thought and the experience of others. We need to find the shared human values and what are unique perspectives in life and understand how to combine the best of it all.

It is not going to be an easy task, because everybody participating must somehow be willing to look at their own ‘darlings’ and possibly set them free. Everyone needs to grow skills in change. Lets have choice in where we are going, rather than submit to old patterns and stay in victimhood.

Panta Rei, ‘Everything flows’

Facts have a lifetime, all science knows this, so lets even take a hard look at what we consider ‘facts’ and call them for what they really are: Beliefs and Perception. It doesn’t make them ‘wrong’ it just makes them open minded!

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