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    Tanjung Puting can be a important detour in most vacation plans because there’s nothing to do in Pangkalan Bun. So you want to make sure that you are taking the Borneo Orangutan Tour is worth the hassle to get here.

    Here are some tips to help you choose a reliable tour operator and a boat of high-quality, and some thoughts about things you should bring beyond the obvious (e.g. insect repellent, good footwear or long sleeves, sun cream) to help make your orangutan tour in tanjung puting additional memorable:

    The checks for these boats are required.

    Ask your tour operator if their boats have Western showers, in contrast to the traditional Mandi, and Western toilets, instead of the toilet squat. You should verify that the tour company uses fresh water, not river water. Toilets are flushed into rivers.

    Request an Licensed Guide

    It is essential to be sure that tour operators that are licensed only employ guides that are educated about wildlife, flora and safety guidelines and English.

    Do a Night Trek

    If you are booking the 3D2N Orangutan Tour, usually a night trek is not included in the itinerary by default However, chances are that the tour operator will offer the option for free upon request. Night walks are very special and you might see stunning glowing mushrooms. Let your guide know even before you arrive in Pangkalan Bun that you wish to do a night trek.

    Be the first person to quit the station.

    There are three feeding stations where you will observe orangutans being fed on a platform. It takes around an hour to feed the orangutans. The most memorable part of feedings is usually the first when they swing between trees. It is possible to stroll through the river in total peace if you leave before the crowds arrive.

    Brew Coffee as well as Beer

    In the course of the orangutan safari the tour will provide you with standard local coffee which is basically water that has been boiled with filter coffee that is then unfiltered. You may want to consider making your own instant coffee (or French Press) if you’re sensitive to a quality coffee. For the most romantic and stunning Klotok location, you could think about carrying your own white wine. Because of the muslim beliefs, it is not possible to purchase alcohol in Pangkalan Bun. However, you are able to bring your own alcohol or wine along to Pangkalan Bun so that you can enjoy it on the tour.

    Mobile Charger

    Although there are sockets aboard however, we don’t recommend using them to charge electronic devices because the power engine of the boat isn’t able to supply an uninterrupted voltage (this holds for ALL boats). Please consider to bring an external battery charger, that you can purchase at any outdoor store.


    Take your hammock! Sitting in your hammock on the klotok while you traverse through the forest is the perfect chill-out experience.