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    Novel – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion – My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

    Chapter 287 – : Fourth Deity Position air sidewalk

    In fact, his master was speedier. If he went, he may b.u.mega pixel into his master midway.

    Nonetheless, he had been a very little taken aback as he found the courtyard.

    In that way, Xiao Yu would be more happy.

    It absolutely was simply that he didn’t know who got become the newest Deity Situation.

    “This junior is unable to respond to this question. Even so, I do know when Mature Sister encounters threat, I will not be reluctant to assist her.”

    Jiang Lan didn’t worry about this.

    “Is that so?” Ran Jing investigated Jiang Lan and stated,

    Her moment of immortal ascension would comply with just after.

    Then, he headed towards courtyard.

    “That’s true.” Happened to run Jing failed to appear to imagination. It turned out like she possessed just casually described it.

    They had made it through the last several years so several days was absolutely nothing.

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    Nevertheless, he failed to be aware of the facts.

    Jiang Lan didn’t assume too much about it and chosen to keep on his closed-doorway farming.

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    His master’s significance was apparent. No matter if he attended the dragons depended on themselves.

    Jiang Lan searched up with the skies in surprise.

    His master’s interpretation was clear. Whether he attended the dragons depended on him self.

    Doing this, Xiao Yu could be more joyful.

    If you would like get married to Longyu, being an immortal is an important tolerance. Most likely there will be an opportunity for anyone to progress to become an immortal there.”

    Cultivating in seclusion was like inhaling and exhaling for Jiang Lan.

    If they are not for awaiting him…

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    It had been one which the young person loved.

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    Jiang Lan looked up within the heavens in astonish.


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    “Is that so?” Happened to run Jing considered Jiang Lan and claimed,

    In line with the information and facts he obtained accumulated, provided that he entered into the limit of the Wonderful Dao and his awesome farming attained the crucial level, his advancement could be soft sailing.

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    Even so, he chosen to still connect with his expert initially.

    Was it because of the Eighth Prince? Jiang Lan sighed as part of his coronary heart and shook his top of your head.


    “Human partners will need to have exclusive emotions and thoughts. It is a kind of fondness. Do you like Longyu?”

    He had not been back within the last couple of days but the vegetative egg plus the Udumbara Plant have been not too unique.

    “Come and stay.”

    Jiang Lan established his eye.

    Heaven and the planet seemed to be vibrating. It had been his Deity Location.

    “She appearance ice cold and far-away on the exterior. In reality, she carries a delicate individuality along with a little girl’s brain.”

    There is no requirement to, but he needed to be attentive.

    If you need to marry Longyu, being an immortal is a huge limit. Probably there will be an opportunity for you to advance to be an immortal there.”

    Jiang Lan hesitated.

    “What are her weaknesses?” Ran Jing investigated Jiang Lan and continued wanting to know.

    Every thirty days quietly pa.s.sed.

    It was subsequently not known if there was any problems.