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    Prestantiousnovel – Chapter 784 – Cursed Treasure guitar chess share-p3

    Novel – Dual Cultivation – Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 784 – Cursed Treasure glistening chase

    “Oh? You’re rear? How did it go?” Lian Li required them after they kept the set bedroom.

    “This is indeed the Blossom of Resurrection,” Su Yang nodded which has a smile on his encounter. “Here’s the cherish you desired for doing it.”

    “I see…” Lian Li nodded.

    “Good. We can carry on the swap after I see anything else.” Su Yang claimed, and he given back to exploring the collection home which had over the hundred treasures.

    The instant Su Yang handled the wood made sword, dark smoke cigarettes started off being released, much like it was subsequently scorching his epidermis.


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    An immense stress showed up in the community, plus the sword in Su Yang’s arms gushed with dark flames.

    “Decent. We could carry on the trade after I see whatever else ..” Su Yang said, and then he returned to examining the set bedroom which had more than a hundred treasures.

    Listening to Su Yang’s ideas, Ji Hong immediately jerked his hands and fingers back in a startled manner, much like he accidentally touched a little something too very hot.

    “Decent. We could keep on the swap after I see whatever else ..” Su Yang mentioned, in which he returned to examining the series space that had over the hundred treasures.

    “Thank you so much very much for your personal enterprise, esteemed guest. Let me remove it for you.”

    “In the event it breaks over a thing so very simple, it isn’t worth simply being termed as a cursed cherish.” Su Yang said which has a look on his deal with.

    “Thanks a lot for your own online business, prestigious guest. Allow me to remove it on your behalf.”

    “Do you really intellect generally if i try it out?” Su Yang asked Ji Hong an instant in the future.

    “Oh? You’re back again? How did it go?” Lian Li requested them after they remaining the selection home.

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    Ji Hong and Lian Li proceeded to long distance themselves from Su Yang.


    “When it breaks or cracks over something so easy, it isn’t worth being known as a cursed prize.” Su Yang mentioned with a smile on his face.

    As soon as they were actually distanced adequate, Su Yang made a protective structure around himself in the event that.

    “n.o.physique really is aware of, but because cursed treasures usually have their own personal consciousness, people today believe that these are generally spiritual treasures which happen to have switched wicked after achieving its very own consciousness.” Su Yang explained.

    When the cursed weapon got a encounter to generate an manifestation at the moment, it is going to definitely be a encounter stuffed with concern and impact.

    “I hesitation also a Divine-class value would be able to endure that…” Lian Li also mumbled.

    “Moreover, have you been really alright with breaking it? It can be cursed, but it’s’ still a value nevertheless…” Ji Hong inquired him out from fascination.

    Su Yang swung the sword towards the heavens an extra down the road, posting a ma.s.sive arc of dark colored flames traveling with the cursed tool.

    “Great. You can go on the trade after I see the rest.” Su Yang stated, and that he returned to looking at the selection home who had over the hundred treasures.

    The Heaven Having Attack consumed the complete cursed cherish and ongoing to travel to the heavens, getting the cursed sword by it.

    Some time down the road, they arrived within a substantial and drain courtroom somewhere in the Ji Family’s home.

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    Ji Hong’s jaw bone fallen to the ground as he witnessed Su Yang’s strength.

    Nevertheless, with their surprise, they could visit a smaller dot during the heavens that expanded larger sized and more substantial.

    Su Yang nodded and spelled out to her their present scenario.

    “If this breaks over some thing so very simple, it isn’t deserving of simply being called a cursed jewel.” Su Yang said which has a smile on his experience.

    “Oh yeah? You’re lower back? How did it go?” Lian Li requested them after they eventually left the collection space.

    At some point later on, they emerged within a vast and empty court somewhere on the Ji Family’s household.

    If they had been distanced ample, Su Yang launched a defensive creation around himself in the event that.

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    “Acceptable, prestigious guest. That can be done whatever you desire here.” Ji Hong said to them.