How to reduce discomfort

There are numerous ways to reduce discomfort and some work better than others. Our studies at Explore Being Human CIC show that the fear of discomfort is the hardest discomfort to work with for most people. We have so few tools in our culture to work with fear that we believe it is neurological (built into our nervous system) and something we can do nothing about. But that is not generally the case.

There are some very powerful methods to work with fear that have come out in recent years. We at Explore Being Human CIC are doing great mileage in working with fear.

Breath control has shown to be important in Emotional Intelligence as a whole, but more about that later. For now just relax, breathe and let’s reduce the fear of discomfort by trying out the breathing that this guy Dr Andrew Weill offers.

Fundamental breathing, regaining access to your senses

Feel how it affects your body and mind and ability to read your emotions.

Examine if it in any way reduces the fear of discomfort for you?