Explore Being Human

Why are you here @ explore-being-human.org?

Most people come here for one of two reasons:

  • Trouble* -> looking for comfort, connection and solutions (ease)?
  • Curiosity -> Dream of more life (challenge)?

*(a sense of external pressure, fears, pain or a discomfort that is difficult to deal with)

Both are valid reasons and both are representatives of strong natural urges to live more fully. 

We have made a path on the website for both journeys to a more fully lived life. But we invite you to evaluate which one is true for you just now because the journey becomes easier if you know why you are here.

Each of us, at different times of our lives, encounter one of two dominant energy flows in our inner world that both move us into ‘action/inaction’: 1) a dream of more life (challenge) or 2) a desire for comfort, connection and solutions (ease)

If you are experiencing a ‘battle’ internally between the two options of challenge an ease, don’t worry, it is natural to feel pain when you ‘have’ to make a choice. It is one of the most common pains in our world of ‘having to make choices’. 

If you feel discomfort about the choice above, then choose the path of ‘ease’. Both are valid, and you can choose the other path later. You lose nothing by making this choice now and there is no time limit.

Behind every choice there are still these two basic energies at work but we may be closer now to see what the forces really are: 

  • a) worries (fear) about making the ‘wrong’ choice or fear of the discomfort of mistakes (and ‘bad’ choices)
  • b) curiosity about what the choices may bring of new life, A willingness to meet the discomfort of the unknown

Fear is a very dominant energy, so dominant that it can control our behavior and choices and so dominant that it can ‘freeze’ us entirely and prevent any action or make us ‘run for safety’.

Our advice is still to trust us and choose the path of ‘ease’ if you feel unsure.

But if the choice is still too uncomfortable to make, here are some steps you can try out to ease the pain of making a choice into the unknown:

A general ‘ease’ breathing exercise

Life is change (discomfort) and real comfort, and both are needed. Real comfort is connection – human deep trusted connection! Change can be conscious and according to our values. Let’s move away from victimhood and make that change together.

Close your eyes and wait for a while. Allow your thoughts to wonder about the possible benefits you may find by making a choice in this moment of your life. Allow the fear of choices to roam in your mind and trace what the fear is doing to you. Does it freeze you or make you run for safety?

You affect what you see


Proceeding to explore what we advocate or recommend on this site is at your own risk and we offer no guarantees for a specific outcome nor that all of it will serve you. If you have doubts about you own ability to evaluate the validity of information or opinions this site is not for you. We expect you to be a responsible human being looking to inform yourself and responsible enough to evaluate the validity of what you see and read here. We recommend that you continuously check with yourself if you are of sound mind and well-being and able to take responsibility for your own exploration. You are free to leave and stop at any time.

In loving 😉