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Building emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

In times of crisis we can really benefit from Emotional Intelligence. Fear and anger especially are forceful emotions that if unresolved can be very destructive. With Emotional Intelligence and personal leadership, anger and even fear can be used as fuel for change and action. The only issue is, that what the fear is telling us to do, is not always the most beneficial if it goes unchecked, and often we need others to help us find meaning and purpose behind the emotion.

Learning how to process emotions, chose meaningful action and learning is to have them processed with a clear mind, often we need others to help us stay clear. That’s why good empathy is so important.

“Personally I would never act on fear or anger without having some other human being’s reflection of my thinking and impulsive action. My own clarity is often questionable without that other pair of eyes’ –Arne Mayoh

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