Curiosity - an Emotional Intelligence

Arne Mayoh, Natural philosopher

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Curiosity - part of emotional intelligence

Curiosity is a human driving force

Curiosity is possibly the strongest force of human life

Curiosity is what moves us out of our safety zone. Not hunger or sex. Hunger just adds to our curiosity -finding food, for thought, body and heart.

Fear is what is holding us back! Fear of dying, fear of pain, fear of dogs, germs and other people. Curiosity is the spark of life in you. The question in you when you wake from sleep is the driver of all action and thought.

Your possible journey

I would like you to stay open to some suggestions:

  • You are curious
  • You are tired of being told what to do (kills your curiosity!)
  • You are looking for ways to live your dreams

We are here, not to convince you about anything, but to offer the best of us and to offer you a choice, a journey of exploration into Emotional Intelligence.

There are so many good reasons to open and grow emotional intelligence for you and anyone else for that matter. The problems each of us face, the problems humanity and  the world faces are too great to deal with without it. Our thinking has been control of life and power over the world and the idea of safety in power and knowledge. If we are to change we must acknowledge that something more is needed.

New skills and the awakening of more true human powers than intellect alone must be activated and included. New solutions must be offered and explored.

For that we need Emotional Intelligence.

Rediscover your own, open your mind to something that is already there, just forgotten or schooled away.

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