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11/Seeing the World through Tinted Glasses – All Perspectives are Unique

How do others see us? Do we want to know? Do we want to broaden our perspective on Life, to learn how others see things, to potentially deepen trust and connection between us, and to make ourselves better human beings? Or is it just too difficult to hear other people’s perspectives, especially if it’s about us, especially if it’s not too favourable?

Truthy & Giraffe might sound like they’re fighting or arguing but notice the energy between them. They remain firm friends throughout the process even though reactions abound. The strength of Truthy & Giraffe’s trust, loyalty and care for each other shines through in this dialogue. How my inner world can argue with itself and stay friends and connected is another of Life’s little mysteries.

This series of videos follows me from a dark place, where fear and anger prevail and emotional collapse is just around the corner. At times, I’m locked in and ready to self-destruct. I want to face myself, to look deeply at the inner workings of my thinking and feelings.

With the help of the delightful Truthy & Giraffe, who are much better able to express myself than I am, I find ways to handle my inner world and even reach a point of befriending myself. If these videos can support others to grow their personal insight and see the value of inner work then my fear and shame of posting them publicly will be easier to bear.

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